On the Steadicam Gold Workshop, some interviews are being illuminated by our Radiate Daylight 500W.

Our Fresnel light has been selected for its high light intensity and its ease of handling. Our Radiate D500 is widely used in open spaces, where high power and light depth is required while keeping a good CRI. That’s necessary to achieve high quality video footage and photos.

The Steadicam Gold Workshop is taking place in these days on Tenerife Island (Canary Islands) and it’s sponsored by Tiffen, the Canary Islands Film and the Tenerife Film Commission.

Sincere thanks to Stefano Spiti and Nicole Toscano from VideoLive.Agency for the backstage shooting made during the interviews with the Oscar winners Garrett Brown and Jerry Holway, and with the coordinator of Film Commission Canaria, Concha Díaz Ferrer.

Steadicam Photonia Tenerife
Photonia Fresnel Tenerife
Steadicam Lights Photonia

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