We are proud to introduce “My Name Is Nawang“, the first short film produced by Photonia. In this short film, where the lighting set has been designed enterely with our Fresnel LED lights, the main character is a tibetan man: Nawang Dhundup.

Nawang encloses in a short monologue his meaning of life and happiness. His powerful message, which expresses the desire for reconciliation and peace, is successfully interpreted by the artistic skill of Filippo Chiesa, DoP and director of the film.

Would you like to know how was set the lighting design?

We would like to thank Filippo Chiesa for the excellent review on our Fresnel LED lights, at the end of filming.

This short film was produced by a brilliant italian startup. I'm talking about Photonia, a company that produces high-end Fresnel LEDs of the highest quality (the best I've tested until now).

Filippo Chiesa - source: FBDoP and Director

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Happiness is not a matter of chance.
I am happy, because I have chosen to be.

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