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Fresnel Studio Daylight

A full range of white Fresnel LED studio lights from 300W to 500W. Available in tungsten (3200K) and daylight (5600K) CCT, up to 98 CRI.
Power in your hands!

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Lighting studio


Photonia Tunable

Our Bi-Color, Tunable white Fresnel LED studio light, with 350W light engine.
It takes just a touch to tune from 2900K to 5600K with 97 CRI!

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Professional lighting

RGBWW 5x100W

RGB LED Fresnel

Free your inspiration with our all-in-one RGB & Tunable White LED studio light. All the colors you need, plus a pure cool white and a pure warm white… with 97 CRI!

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Fresnel LED lighting Photonia Accessories

Boost up your lighting set with the range of Photonia accessories! Enhance your professional lighting experience with new capabilities, explore now!

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A wide range of high efficiency Fresnel LED studio lights for an intensive professional use,
including up to 500W Tungsten white, Daylight white, Bi-Color tunable and RGBWW.
Designed and manufactured in Italy

Lightweight and Strength

“For our range of Fresnel LED studio lights, we have chosen to adopt the best technologies because we believe that an excellent result is also given by the quality of the components used”.


Fresnel 500W LED, built-in power supply and an overall weight of 8 Kg (17 lbs)…
…the highest power-to-weight ratio on the market!


We have created an incredibly resistant aluminum case made of a single die-cast piece! A light for studio that’s really rugged for an intensive use

Photonia LED studio lights

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