From flash to continuous lighting in professional photograpy

Like flash lights, continuous lights are used to illuminate objects to be photographed both in studios and outdoors. The main difference is that a continuous light is always on and instantly allows to see how the photographed object will really appear. The negative side of this type of lighting is heat emission. If you are shooting with inanimate objects that’s fine, but if you are working with people or food you must take this into consideration.

Photonia COB LED dimmed at 0.1%

LED technology solves most of this problem!

In LED technology the heat emitted towards the illuminated subject is considerably reduced and there is no emission of infrared or ultraviolet (types of harmful and annoying frequencies).
But not all LED lights are suitable for professional photographic use.
With the cooling system of the Photonia fixtures the heat is extracted from the LED and dissipated from the rear side of the casing. This guarantees optimal heat dissipation and a use without risk deriving from excessive heating. The only heat to which the illuminated subject remains hit by is limited to the strict minimum intrinsic heat of the light beam.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures

To use a continuous LED studio light in the same way that a classic flash is used, you need a product with specific characteristics. The main ones that cannot be omitted are surely: luminous intensity, possibility of fine dimming, battery use and choice of the type of light emitted.
You ned something powerful, very powerful, the more, the better! At the same time you need to be able to control this power, the light intensity must be easy and precise to adjust. just as important is the use with batteries to allow you to shoot on the move, and the choice of the type of light emitted.
The combination of these features will allow the LED light to be very versatile, meeting all needs without any limit your creative imagination.

Radiate D500

Light intensity.

Photonia offers very powerful 300W and 500W LED fixtures with the possibility of dimming the light intensity with both touch screen or rotary knob. The LED lights are usually measured in watts: it is advisable to consult the photometric tables in the relative product pages if you want to compare them to the classic flashes. With these tables, you can easy understand how many Lumens each Photonia light can transmit to the illuminated subject at the desired distance.

Light intensity adjustment.

In all Photonia models you can choose a light intensity adjustment from below 1% to 100%. It is possible to choose the correct lighting in an easy and precise way, with very soft variations. The Fresnel glass lens ensures an absence of chromatic aberrations on the entire illuminated surface. This will allow you to adjust the power delivered and get the maximum in terms of light quality and choice of the right light intensity in every situation, reducing post-production operations to a minimum.

Battery use.

All Photonia lights are equipped with a battery input. To power the fixture you can use your own solutions (take a look at the data sheets of each relative fixture for the technical characteristics required) or the convenient Atom Plate stand by Photonia, which uses standard V-lock batteries. All the Photonia lights also have the “Hot Swap” function between AC and DC power supply. Once the battery power supply and the AC power cable are connected, either one of the two may be removeed without having any interruption in the light emission! A useful function in emergencies such as an unexpected removal of the AC power cord or a sudden need to change an empty battery.

Photonia on the move
Photonia light running on Blueshape batteries
Bow Photonia
Photonia light with BOW add-on and a softbox

Type of continuous light.

In choosing the continuous light illuminator to be used for a photographic set, in addition to the quality of the light, the type of emission must not be underestimated. All Photonia LED Fresnel lens fixtures have the ability to illuminate both near and far objects. This is also thanks to the motorized control of the light beam which makes it easily adjustable by the user.
If we need to have a softer light the Bow accessory is available for all Photonia illuminators. Bow allows you to mount any other accessory with a standard Bowens connection quickly and easily, such as umbrellas, banks, softboxes, etc.

A little bit of color.

Why simply finding a flash replacement and not go further? With the Chromos RGBWW light Photonia offers all the features described so far and much more. Photonia’s Chromos is full color Fresnel LED light that allows you to add color to the light beam.
You can imagine a color with which to illuminate the subject and see it immediately realized, to add a touch of color to the set, to switch from cool white to warm white or a white with a desired color temperature, and much more. All with a simple touch to the touchscreen.

Color continuous light
With Chromos there are no longer limits to the artistic flair of a professional photographer.

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