About Us

Technology and cinema: these are the sources of inspiration behind our idea to create innovative LED lights for film sets, television studios and theaters.

Our research and development team is committed to continuously studying cutting-edge technologies to meet the most demanding market needs.

Today, Photonia is a successful company that excels in mechanical, optical and electronical design and engineering.

Paolo Di MedioCEO

Our technicians and engineers are constantly researching and improving our products with the latest optoelectronic technologies.

The Team

We are based in Bologna, Italy. Here stands the oldest University in Europe. Here the famous sportscars Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati come to life in the Motor Valley district. Here our lights follow the same principles: impressive performance, reduced weight, compact dimensions, industrial ruggedness and crafted quality.

CEO Photonia



``My dream was to combine my love for cinema with my passion for technology and innovation to create a useful and impactful product``
Chief Operational Office Photonia



``When we started we wanted to introduce in the market the highest ratio between LED light quality and lightweight. Finally with Photonia we achieve this goal and we continue to do research to bring innovation``
Maurizio Photonia engineer


Electronic Eng.

Engineer Photonia Lights


Electronic Eng.

Mechanical Engineer LED lights


Mechanical Eng.

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Expertise and Quality

Our team includes engineers and expert designers in the field of optics, electronics and optoelectronics.

Every single light complies with the highest safety and durability standards: our Made in Italy is at your service.

Photonia Lights NAB show

Factory Photonia